Im Back

   Hi everyone, Ive been on here before, but I had to take a break. My doctor says that its a good idea to get my thoughts out into the open again. Id have to agree since I dont talk to too many people. I suffer from depression and anxiety with mood swings. I do take meds for it but meds will only do so much. My boyfriend, my son and I had to recently move back in with my parents because I lost my job do to my depression. Life isnt great at the moment and Im not sure when life will get back on track. Its going to take a little bit for me to get used to this website again haha. 

Im 27 years old and I have mental health issues along with issues with my body. Im not ashamed to admit it. I wish things were different, but its just who I am. Ill try to post on here as much as possible, Im not going to guarantee that this blog will be interesting or anything. Its just going to be about my personal life, some days I may come on here with a happy attitude, other days may be worse. Just bear with me. 

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  1. jaageet

    I wish you would come on in your worse moments. These are the times when conversation is most worthwhile.

    February 26, 2017